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Getting from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion airport (TLV), named after David Ben Gurion the first Israeli prime minister, is the main point of entry to Israel for the vast majority of tourists. It is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the city of Tel Aviv and operates 7 days a week 364 days a year. To get from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv city center arriving passengers can make use of private taxis, shared shuttles, rental cars, buses and trains. Availability varies greatly and depends on the day and time of your arrival.   

As simple as it may seem, getting to Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion Airport can sometimes become a tricky task, especially for those flying in on Shabbat and holidays. Unfortunately, most of the available information throughout the internet regarding Tel Aviv airport transfers is found to be outdated and misleading. Therefore I created this article to hopefully put things in order once and for all, help you get the most up-to-date information about the various options of transportation from Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv and draw your attention to the things you should beware of.

ben gurion airport arrivals hall

Taking a Taxi to Tel Aviv

  • Taxis can be found at the taxi stand outside the arrivals hall. You may ask the driver to suggest a fixed price for the ride to Tel Aviv which as of August 2023 should cost up to 200-220 NIS depending on the day and the time.
  • In case of a dispute you may insist on using the meter which starts at 11.85 NIS although most drivers will probably try to avoid it. Generally taxi fares in Israel have 3 different categories depending on the time and day of the ride. During nights weekends and holidays the higher fares apply. There is an extra charge for exiting the airport and using toll roads or fast lanes if needed. Tipping taxi drivers is not expected and therefore unnecessary.
  • Taxi drivers are not allowed to solicit passengers in the arrivals hall. Yet this happens occasionally so keep away from those as they are likely to be unauthorized drivers.

airport taxi stand

  • On busy weekdays it is common to encounter a shortage of taxis at the airport, and passengers may end up waiting a long time just to get on a taxi. Therefore it is strongly recommended to book your airport transfer to Tel Aviv with a private taxi in advance. This way you can avoid arguing with drivers over the price and enjoy peace of mind. This is particularly beneficial for Shabbat and holidays but proven useful on weekdays as well.
  • A professional driver will track your flight for delays and will show up on time to pick you up as agreed, then drop you off at the exact destination and help with your luggage.

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bus station ben gurion airport

Taking a Train to Tel Aviv

  • Taking a train is an easy and relatively cheap way of getting to Tel Aviv from the airport. The trip takes 12 minutes to Ha-Hagana station in south Tel Aviv and up to 30 minutes to the University station in north Tel Aviv.   
  • The earliest train departs around 5:00 in the morning and the latest one usually leaves the airport just before midnight. Remember that trains in Israel do not run during holidays and weekends (Friday afternoon through Saturday night).
  • Frequency is 3-4 times hourly on weekdays and no changing of trains is required to get to Tel Aviv. A single trip costs 9 NIS and a daily pass is 18 NIS (as of August 2023). 

ben gurion airport train station

  • The train station at Ben Gurion airport is located just outside terminal 3 on the lowest level. Passengers landing at terminal 1 can connect to terminal 3 by using an airport shuttle free of charge. 
  • Keep in mind that the stations in Tel Aviv are not located near the city center. Thus, taking another bus or taxi is often required to get to your final destination in Tel Aviv.

Click here for the official website of Israel Railways

train station in tel aviv

Taking a Shared Shuttle to Tel Aviv

  • Several private operators run a shared minivan shuttle service that can be taken to any destination in Tel Aviv from Ben Gurion airport 24 hours a day.
  • This service must be booked in advance in order for the driver to track your flight and wait for you even in case your flight is delayed.
  • Depending on the operator, the type of vehicle and the time of the day it can take a long while before you leave the airport as drivers often wait for additional passengers before departing. If other passengers are dropped off before you this can make the journey even longer.

airport shuttle ben gurion

Taking a Bus to Tel Aviv

  • Bus #445 operated by Metropoline runs every hour from terminal 3 in Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv dropping off passengers along the main streets of the city (Dizengoff, Burgashov, HaYarkon, Ben Yehuda) until reaching its final stop at Tel Aviv port. 
  • While a ticket is only 5.50 NIS the duration of the ride can vary greatly due to traffic. Once again bear in mind that buses in Israel do not run from Friday afternoon through Saturday night.

traffic in tel aviv

Renting a Car at Ben Gurion Airport

  • 7 Car rental companies operate at Ben Gurion airport 24 hours a day: Avis, Budget, Dollar Thrifty, Eldan, Europcar, Hertz and Shlomo Sixt. Their counters are located on level 1 of terminal 3 above the arrivals hall while the vehicles are collected from a nearby parking lot.
  • Other local car rental companies have branches in Tel Aviv as well as in other major cities but those are closed during weekends and holidays.
  • If you wish to rent a car in Israel it is highly recommended to reserve a car in advance in order to avoid disappointment and probably get a better deal too.

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