The Best Shopping in Jerusalem Jerusalem’s Top 10 Markets and Shopping Malls

Shopping in Jerusalem


  • Jerusalem’s soul pulsates not just in its rich history and religious sites, but also in its vibrant shopping malls and markets. From the labyrinthine alleys of the Old City markets, overflowing with local crafts and aromatic spices, to the contemporary havens of modern malls, Jerusalem’s shopping scene offers a kaleidoscope of options, catering to every taste and budget. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through Jerusalem’s diverse shopping locations to help you plan your ultimate shopping experience in Jerusalem.
  • Each shopping location in Jerusalem has its own unique charm and distinct vibe. Knowing where to go can make the difference between scoring the perfect souvenir and missing out on hidden gems. This guide will list the special features of each venue, and also point you towards nearby attractions, in case you wish to combine shopping in Jerusalem with sightseeing. To make your experience even more enjoyable, recommended things to buy and try in each location are mentioned, so you can return home with the perfect treasures and unforgettable memories.
Shopping in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Shuk: Traditional Old City Market

Best for: Souvenirs, handicrafts, spices, religious artifacts


Located within the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City lie the iconic Old City Traditional Markets. These bustling bazaars date back centuries and offer visitors a sensory journey through time. Meandering through the narrow alleys, visitors experience an overload of sights, sounds, and aromas. Each quarter (Muslim, Christian, Armenian, and Jewish) boasts its own specialty shops. Haggling is an art form, so put your bargaining skills to the test as you discover unique treasures. Highlights include textiles, and handmade crafts like hand-woven rugs, intricately designed jewelry made from silver or pearls, and beautiful ceramics. Don’t miss the vibrant displays of spices, dried fruits, and local delicacies.


Special for: Bustling atmosphere, haggling experience, historical significance

Location: Within the Old City walls, accessible on foot from any of the old city gates

Nearby Attractions: Many of Jerusalem’s most famous landmarks are located within a short walking distance, including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock

Things to buy and try: Hand-made wood carvings, ceramics, Judaica items, scarves, local delicacies


Mahane Yehuda Market: Culinary Delights

Best for: Fresh produce, local delicacies, spices, kitchenware


Mahane Yehuda Market is a vibrant explosion of sights, sounds, and smells. This open-air market is a Jerusalem institution, where vendors proudly display mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables, overflowing sacks of aromatic spices, and enticing displays of fresh meat and fish. Highlights include locally sourced cheeses, exotic spices, and freshly baked pastries. The market is surrounded by charming cafes and eateries, offering the perfect opportunity to savor authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. At night Mahane Yehuda Market comes alive with street food stalls and live music. A great way to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and enjoy a unique atmosphere.


Special for: Lively atmosphere, street food options, interaction with local vendors

Location: Between Jaffa Road and Agripas Street, Mahane Yehuda Market is easily accessible by public transportation including buses and the light rail or by taking a leisurely stroll from the city center

Things to buy and try: Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, dried fruits and nuts, cheeses, fresh pastries, sweet delights like Halva (a sweet sesame paste dessert), Knafeh (a rich cheese-based pastry soaked in syrup), and Malabi (milk pudding with rosewater)


Mamilla Mall: Where Tradition Meets Luxury


Best for: Luxury shopping, designer brands, fine dining


Located at the doorstep of the Old City of Jerusalem, Mamilla Mall blends the city’s timeless charm with modern elegance. This upscale open-air shopping destination boasts an impressive selection of designer boutiques, luxury brands, art galleries, and fine dining establishments. Highlights include upscale fashion boutiques, designer jewelry stores, and chic cafes. Mamilla Mall is conveniently located within walking distance of the Old City and offers great views of the impressive Tower of David and the Old City walls.


Special for: Open-air setting, high-end stores, stunning views of the Old City
Location: Outside Jaffa Gate, easily accessible on foot from the Old City, via the light rail (Jaffa Gate stop) or a short taxi ride from the city center
Things to buy and try: Luxury designer fashion, accessories, high-end local jewelry, and artwork


Malha Mall: One-stop shop


Best for: Variety of stores, family entertainment


Malha Mall is the largest mall in Jerusalem, offering a convenient one-stop shopping experience for the whole family. This vast complex, spanning multiple levels, houses a wide range of stores, including international brands like H&M and Zara, alongside local Israeli chains and department stores. Whether searching for fashion essentials, electronics, or home décor, shoppers will find everything they need under one roof. With plenty of dining possibilities and entertainment options like a cinema and a bowling alley, Malha Mall makes a great choice for spending a day with your family.


Special for: Largest mall in Jerusalem, diverse range of stores and entertainment options
Location: Malha neighborhood (south of Jerusalem)

Nearby Attractions: The Biblical Zoo, Teddy Football Stadium, Pais Basketball Arena
Things to buy and try: International and local fashion brands, electronics, homeware, souvenirs


inside malha mall in jerusalem

Ben Yehuda Street: A Pedestrian Paradise


Best for: Budget-friendly shopping, souvenirs, clothing


Situated in the city center of Jerusalem, Ben Yehuda Street is an open-air mall with a lively ambiance that makes it a popular gathering place. This pedestrian-only street is lined with trendy clothing stores, shoe shops, and souvenir stores catering to tourists who want a taste of contemporary Jerusalem life. Enjoy the unique atmosphere and eclectic mix of shops, then take a break from shopping and have a coffee at one of the many quaint cafes along the street. Highlights include souvenir shops, artisanal boutiques, and street performers who entertain the crowds in the evenings.


Special for: Pedestrian-only zone, lively atmosphere, street performers
Location: City Center (between King George Street and Jaffa Road), near Zion Square
Things to buy and try: T-shirts with Jerusalem designs, religious souvenirs, local ice cream flavors like Halva or Baklava


The Cardo: A Shopper’s Journey Through Time


Best for: Ancient Artifacts and Unique Judaica Items


The Cardo is a restored ancient Roman thoroughfare located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Lined with shops and galleries, it offers a unique shopping experience with vendors selling ancient artifacts, Judaica, and handmade crafts. Visitors can explore the atmospheric passageway and admire the archaeological remains while browsing for one-of-a-kind traditional Judaica items such as menorahs, mezuzahs, and ceremonial objects, as well as unique souvenirs crafted by local artisans.


Special for: Shop for Judaica items on the excavated main road of ancient Jerusalem
Location: The Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem
Nearby Attractions: The Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter Synagogue, the Western Wall Tunnels, among other historic sites in the old city such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Tower of David Museum
Things to buy and try: Judaica items, ancient artifacts, handmade crafts


Emek Refaim: A Hipster Haven


Best for: Unique finds, independent stores, trendy atmosphere


Emek Refaim is a charming neighborhood strip located in the German Colony area of Jerusalem. Lined with quaint cafes, independent boutiques, and specialty shops, this pedestrian-friendly street offers a relaxed atmosphere and a unique shopping experience. Highlights include boutique clothing stores, antique shops, and artisanal bakeries.


Special for: Bohemian vibe, locally-made products, art galleries
Location: Southwest of city center, close to The First Station complex
Nearby Attractions: The Haas Promenade and the historic Montefiore Windmill are located nearby
Things to buy and try: Handmade ceramics, gourmet food products, and vintage clothing


emek refaim jerusalem

The First Station: A Revamped Railway Hub


Best for: Upscale shopping, local crafts, live entertainment


Once a busy railway station, The First Station is now a trendy cultural and culinary hub, offering a unique shopping experience in Jerusalem. Housed in a beautifully restored Ottoman-era train station, this complex features a mix of upscale boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. Visitors can explore artisanal boutiques, enjoy live entertainment, and savor gourmet cuisine amidst historic surroundings. Highlights include craft workshops, art galleries, and outdoor events.


Special for: Renovated train station, mix of shops and restaurants, live music events
Location: South of city center, near Emek Refaim
Nearby Attractions: The German colony, Haas Promenade, the historic Montefiore Windmill
Things to buy and try: Unique handicrafts, Israeli wines, artisanal chocolates, local cuisine with a modern twist


the first station jerusalem

Hutzot Hayotzer Artists’ Colony


Best for: Traditional Crafts and Artisan Workshops


Hutzot Hayotzer Artists’ Colony is a picturesque complex of stone buildings housing workshops and galleries of local artisans. Visitors can watch skilled craftsmen at work, learn about traditional crafts such as pottery, metalwork, and weaving, and purchase handmade items directly from the artists. The colony offers a unique shopping experience, allowing visitors to connect with Jerusalem’s rich artistic heritage. Visitors can explore the charming alleyways and courtyards of the colony, discovering hidden workshops and galleries tucked away among the cobblestone streets. The colony’s tranquil atmosphere and scenic surroundings make it a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city center.


Special for: An authentic glimpse into the world of Jerusalem’s artisans and craftsmen
Location: Mitchell Park, outside the Old City walls, Jerusalem
Nearby Attractions: The Sultan’s Pool, a popular outdoor concert venue with stunning views of the Old City walls and Yemin Moshe neighborhood, known for its historic buildings and panoramic vistas of Jerusalem
Things to buy and try: Pottery, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, paintings, traditional crafts


Hutzot Hayotzer Jerusalem

Bezalel Arts Fair: Discover Israeli Artists


Best for: Contemporary Art and Handmade Jewelry


The Bezalel Arts Fair is a weekly event held every Friday morning in the courtyard of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. It showcases the work of local artists, designers, and craftsmen, offering a diverse selection of contemporary art, handmade jewelry, ceramics, textiles, and other creative works. Visitors can explore a wide range of artistic styles and mediums, from traditional paintings and sculptures to modern mixed-media installations, meet the artists, and purchase unique pieces directly from the creators. The fair’s intimate setting adds to its charm and appeal.


Special for: Intimate interaction with Jerusalem’s vibrant artistic community
Location: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 10 Betsal’el Street, Jerusalem
Nearby Attractions: Mahane Yehuda Market as well as Nahlaot neighborhood, with its picturesque alleyways and historic buildings
Things to buy and try: Contemporary art, handmade jewelry, ceramics, textiles


art fair in jerusalem

My 10 Tips for Successful Shopping in Jerusalem


  • Haggling: In the Old City markets bargaining is not only expected, but it’s part of the fun. Start with an offer that’s about half the initial price and don’t be afraid to negotiate back and forth, but remember to do so respectfully and with a smile.
  • Currency Exchange: The official currency in Israel is the Israeli New Shekel (NIS). While many shops and malls in Jerusalem accept credit cards, smaller vendors and street stalls may prefer cash. It’s a good idea to carry a mix of both to ensure you can make purchases wherever you go. Look for currency exchange offices with favorable rates, especially near tourist areas.
  • Tax-Free Shopping: Tourists visiting Israel are eligible for VAT (Value Added Tax) refunds on purchases made at participating stores. Look for shops displaying the “Tax-Free Shopping” logo and ask for a tax refund form when making eligible purchases. Be sure to follow the process for obtaining your refund before leaving the country.
  • Language: Hebrew and Arabic are the primary languages spoken in Jerusalem, but English is widely understood, especially in tourist areas and upscale establishments. However, learning a few basic phrases in Hebrew or Arabic can be helpful during your shopping experience and show respect for the local culture.
  • Opening Hours: Most shops in Jerusalem are open from Sunday to Thursday, with varying hours. Generally, they open around 9:00 am and close between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm. On Fridays, shops close earlier, typically around 2:00 pm, and remain closed throughout Saturday for Shabbat. Malls often have extended hours, especially on weekends.
  • Dress Code: Jerusalem is a religious city, so it’s best to dress modestly when visiting the Old City and religious sites. This means covering your shoulders and knees. However, in most other areas of the city, there is no strict dress code and casual attire is perfectly acceptable.
  • Weather: Jerusalem’s climate varies depending on the season. It can be hot and dry in the summer, so pack light, breathable clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Winters are often cold with occasional rain, so pack a light jacket or sweater.
  • Public Transportation: Jerusalem has a reliable transportation network consisting of buses, light rails, and local taxis. Consider purchasing a travel card if you plan on using public transportation often during your stay.
  • Safety: Although cases of pickpocketing are uncommon in Jerusalem, it is essential to stay aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your belongings while shopping in Jerusalem. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or valuables and be especially cautious in crowded areas.
  • Ask the Locals: Don’t hesitate to ask locals or fellow travelers for recommendations on the best places to shop or eat in Jerusalem. Locals often have insider knowledge and can point you towards hidden gems and authentic experiences.


Jerusalem offers a diverse shopping experience that caters to all preferences and budgets. From the bustling energy of the Mahane Yehuda Market to the luxurious ambiance of Mamilla Mall, there’s something for everyone in this historic city. So, lace up your walking shoes, refresh your bargaining skills, and get ready to explore the treasures that Jerusalem’s shopping scene has to offer!

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