Getting From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem

Revised and Updated - July 2024

Traveling From Ben Gurion Airport

  • Ben Gurion Airport (TLV), named after the first Israeli prime minister David Ben Gurion is the main point of entry to Israel. It is located 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Jerusalem and operates 7 days a week 364 days a year (except Yom Kippur). Arriving passengers who wish to go from the airport to Jerusalem can make use of private taxis, shared taxis, rental cars or trains. Availability varies greatly and depends on the day and time of arrival.
  • Getting to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport can sometimes be a tricky task, especially but not only for those landing in Israel on Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. Unfortunately, most of the information available throughout the internet regarding transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem is found to be outdated and misleading. This guide aims to provide the most up-to-date information about the various options and to put things in order once and for all. It also notes a couple of things that travelers should beware of.
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From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem by Taxi

  • Taxis can be found at the taxi stand outside the arrivals hall. Taxi drivers are not allowed to solicit passengers inside the terminal, yet this happens occasionally so keep away from those as they are likely to be unauthorized drivers.
  • You may ask the driver to suggest a fixed price before hitting the road. As of March 2024, taxi fares from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem typically range from ₪300 to ₪350, varying based on the day of the week and the time of the ride.
  • In case of a dispute you may ask the driver to use the meter which starts at ₪11.85 although most drivers will probably try to avoid it. Generally taxi fares in Israel fall into 3 different categories. During nights weekends and holidays the higher fares apply. There is an extra charge for exiting the airport and using toll roads or fast lanes if needed. Tipping your taxi driver is not expected and therefore unnecessary.
  • Update: As of April 2024, Gett operates the system of taxis at Ben Gurion Airport. You can use the Gett app on your smartphone or kiosks in the terminal to order a taxi and get a code. Outside the terminal, provide the code to a designated usher to get your taxi. Pay attention, users have been experiencing very long waiting times outside the arrivals terminal due to a persistent shortage of Gett drivers. To avoid potential delays, it is advised to pre-order your taxi from Ben Gurion Airport and ensure a smooth experience upon arrival, particularly during peak hours, weekends, and holidays.
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From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem by Train

  • Traveling by train from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem is a convenient and cost-effective choice. The train station at Ben Gurion Airport is located just outside terminal 3 on the lowest level. Passengers landing at terminal 1 can connect to terminal 3 by using an airport shuttle free of charge.
  • Trains from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem depart twice hourly during the day and once an hour at night. The journey typically takes about 30 minutes and no change of trains is required to get to Jerusalem. A single trip costs ₪19 and a daily pass is ₪29.5 (as of July 2024). Remember that trains in Israel do not operate during Jewish holidays and weekends (Friday afternoon through Saturday night). For the most current fare prices, schedule changes and service updates please refer to the official Israel Railways website.
  • In Jerusalem the train stops at the newly constructed Yitzhak Navon station located deep underground by the western entrance of the city. Upon your arrival at Jerusalem you can easily transfer to the light rail, catch a local taxi or walk to the nearby central bus station and get on a local bus. If you’re going to rely on public transportation during your time in Jerusalem or in Israel, it is advisable to purchase a Rav-Kav card at the arrivals hall of Ben Gurion Airport. Check out these useful Rav-Kav
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From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem With Shared Shuttle (Sherut)

  • A sherut (Hebrew for service) is a shared taxi service to Jerusalem in 10 seater-minibuses. They typically hit the road as soon as 10 passengers show up.
  • Nesher Tours operates sheruts from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem 24 hours a day (including on weekends). You may ask to be dropped off at any location or address in Jerusalem.
  • While relatively inexpensive (₪66 as of March 2024), remember that sheruts only depart when they are full so you could end up waiting for a while before leaving the airport. Also, if you are the last one to be dropped off in Jerusalem your journey can take longer than expected.
sherut shared taxi in israel

From Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem by Bus

  • As of March 2024 Bus #485 is not operational on most days of the week. This means that there is no direct bus from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem. This was probably done to encourage passengers to use the train.
  • Despite the budget-friendly low costs of bus tickets in Israel, it is strongly recommended not to rely on connecting buses when planning to get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport. They suffer from frequently changing timetables, long waiting times and low reliability in general.
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Renting a Car at Ben Gurion Airport

  • 7 Car rental companies operate at Ben Gurion Airport 24 hours a day: Avis, Budget, Dollar Thrifty, Eldan, Europcar, Hertz and Shlomo Sixt. Their counters are located on level 1 of terminal 3 above the arrivals hall while the vehicles are collected from a nearby parking lot.
  • Other local car rental companies have branches in Jerusalem as well as in other major cities but those are closed during weekends and holidays.
  • If you wish to rent a car in Israel it is highly recommended to reserve a car in advance in order to avoid disappointment. You will probably get a better deal too.
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